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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Most Popular Cat Breeds - Birman Cats Pictures and Photos

About Birman Cats Breed - Most Popular Cat Breeds - Photos and Gallery Pictures:

Birman Appearance:

The Birman has point which means its face, ears, legs, tail and feet are a different color from the rest of its body. Kittens are born completely white and begin to show their points anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks. The Birman is a beautiful long hair cat with a medium to heavy body weight, brilliant blue eyes and a silky coat in a variety of different coloured points. Birmans have four white gloves on each of their feet.

Birman coats are easy to care for because they do not mat although they still need regular grooming.

Birmans Colors: Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Cream Point, Red Point, Blue Cream, Choc/Lilac Tortie, Tortie /Tabby,
Lilac Tabby, Red/Cream Tabby, Seal Tabby, BlueTabby

Birman Character and Temperament:

Birmans are sweet, affectionate characters who like interacting and being around people. They are particularly comfortable and friendly around young children and other domestic pets and are very people orientated cats. They are also very inquisitive and want to be involved in what you're doing but they can also get themselves into mischief! They are quite intelligent cats and tend to bond strongly with their owner or family.

This breed of cat tends to have quite a quiet meow and wont speak up unless something is wrong like their dinner isn't on the floor! They are however rather talkative cats (males in particular) and will let you know when they want your attention. Birman cats are happy in the house but also love a garden to play and climb. They will however be happiest wherever you are and will follow you around to see what you're up to!

Cute Cats Pics - Birman CatsCute Cats Pics - Birman Cats

Birman Cats PicsBirman Cats Pics

Birman Cat Breed PictureBirman Cat Breed Picture

Birman Cats ImageBirman Cats Image

Birman Cat PicturesBirman Cat Pictures

Breeds - Birman Cats PhotoBreeds - Birman Cats Photo

> Playfulness Medium
> Intelligence Medium
> Independence Low-Medium
> Attention Seeking High
> Affectionate Very High
> Activeness Low-Medium
> Friendliness to Children Very High
> Friendliness to other Pets Very High

Birman Lifespan
: 14 - 20 years

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