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Friday, June 5, 2009

Most Popular Cat Breed - Abyssinian Cats Photos and Pictures

About Abyssinian Cats - Most Popular Cat Breeds Photo Gallery Pictures:

Abyssinian cats have a distinctly ticked and tawny coat. Their tail and paws may show tabby markings, but the body of the Abyssinian cat must not. The Abyssinian cat has large almond-shaped green or gold eyes with a fine dark line around them, with large ears. Their coat is generally a warm golden color, but "Abbys" can also be blue, fawn, cinnamon and red. The Abyssinian cat is also a Silver Abyssinian variant whose coat shows shades of white, cream and grey.

Abyssinian Character and Temperament:

Abyssinian cats are extremely loving and affectionate animals and will very happily sit on their owners lap and snuggle in whilst being stroked. It is common for the owner and cat to build a strong bond with one another unlike that of another cat due to their loyal, gentle character. Abyssinians can become very attached to their owner/family and will yearn for them if they are away. If you are thinking of adding an Abyssinian to your family, it is essential that people are home for majority of the time as they tend to get very lonely if left alone. It is also important they have space to play; a garden would be perfect, as they love to climb, chase imaginary insects and leap in the air.

As well as being loyal, affectionate cats they are also extremely clever with an inquisitive nature who love to play, explore and be active. They will want to be involved in everything you do; they just love the company. Although they will quite happily entertain themselves for hours, Abyssinians are always most content when they are included in what their owner or family are doing. This breed of cat is especially interested when you are eating at the table and will try very hard to get you attention by either playing a silly game or clinging to your trousers! An Abyssinian would be most suited to a family who want an active, playful cat that also loves being a 'lap cat'. Some of the Abyssinian cat's important characteristic levels are shown below:

# Playfulness Very High
# Intelligence High
# Independence Medium
# Attention Seeking Very High
# Affectionate High
# Activeness Very High
# Friendliness to Children Medium
# Friendliness to other Pets Medium

Abyssinian Lifespan : 9 - 15 years
Average Litter Size : Abyssinian cats tend to have quite small litters; no more than three or four at a time and the kittens are usually born with darker fur that gets lighter as they grow up.
Common Ailments : Aby's are prone to tooth deficiencies, especially tooth decay and gingivitis. Amyloidosis (a kidney disease) is also a problem that affects some Aby's.

Abyssinian Cat PicsAbyssinian Cat Pics

Abyssinian Cat PhotoAbyssinian Cat Photo

Abyssinian Cat PicsAbyssinian Cat Pics

Abyssinian Cat PictureAbyssinian Cat Picture

Cats - Abyssinian Cat WallpaperCats - Abyssinian Cat Wallpaper

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