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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Animal News - Rare white penguin spotted in Antarctica Photos

Animal News : Rare white penguin spotted in Antarctica Photos

white penguin
white penguin
This rare leucistic Chinstrap penguin spotted in Antarctica on Monday lacks the standard black-and-white coloring of most penguins.

Animals 'make friends' just like us, scientist finds : News by

A scientist in Scotland has discovered that animals operate in groups of friends, just like humans.

Dr David Lusseau from the University of Aberdeen has spent ten years studying the behaviour of animals.

He says that just as humans use online networks like Facebook and Twitter, animals get together in groups to share information.

And who knows, perhaps just like us, they sometimes gossip about each other too!

Animals Friends News Photos

Animals News at Animal Zoo Park - 14 Photos

Animal Zoo Park Animals News : We are submitted 14 Cute Animals Photos from Zoos around the world.

Animal News at Zoopark Hanover zoo in Germany on Jan. 5.

Funny Animal News Photoat Chester Zoo in England on Jan 5

Animals News Rats Zoo ParkZoo at Frankfurt zoo on Jan. 10. 2012

Animals News Zebra at ZooParkzoo in Tbilisi, Georgia on Jan. 8

zoos Elephant News funny PhotoBerlin zoo on December 3.2011

Animals News baby tiger Zoo ParkGermany zoo on Jan. 8. 2012

Animals News at Zoo Parkzoo in Germany on Jan. 9.2012

Zoo Animals News PhotosGerman zoo on January 2. 2012

Pigs at Zoopark Animals Newsat the Tierpark zoo in Berlin

Animal news Chimpanjee Berlin zoo on January 3.2012

Animals News Fishes Zoo ParkA visitor feeds dried fish food at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok on Jan 10.2012

News of AnimalsGerman zoo on January 2.2012

Animal world newsLondon Zoo on Jan. 4

Visitor at Zoo park
at the London Zoo on Jan. 4.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

8 Cute Puppies Wallpapers, Cute Puppy Wallpapers for Desktop

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Cute Puppies Desktop Wallpapers
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Cute Puppies Wallpaper
Cute Puppies Wallpaper Free

Saturday, January 7, 2012

9 White Running Horse Wallpapers, White Horses Running Wallpapers for Desktop

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White Horse Running in Water-Wallpaper
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Brown Running Horses Wallpapers, Brown Horse Running Wallpapers for Desktop

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Running Horse Brown Wallpaper

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Brown Horses Running Wallpaper

Brown Running Horse Free Wallpaper

Brown Running Horse Desktop Wallpaper

Brown Running Horse Wallpaper

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Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Black Horse Wallpapers, Black Horses Beautiful Wallpapers

Black Horse Wallpapers
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Black Race Horse Wallpaper
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Black Horse Wallpaper
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Jumping Black Horse Wallpaper
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