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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Border Terrier Puppy's Pictures and Photos - Dogs Most popular breeds in US

About Dogs - Most popular breeds in US - Border Terrier Puppy's Pictures and Photos
A border terrier is a small breed of dog with a rough group. It was originally bred to hunt vermin and fox as well as being used to hunt otters and badgers. They were bred from Dandie Dinmont Terriers and Bedlington Terriers. The Border terrier takes its name from region region where it came from being the border between England and Scotland.
They are affectionate, well tempered obedient, alert and fearless. They tend to get on fine with other dogs, however if they do take a dislike to another dog they will start a fight and can be difficult to stop. Activity wise these dogs will adapt to the owner, so they do not necessarily demand a lot of exercise but are happy to get some. This breed does like company and is not suited to be being left alone for long periods. Border terriers are not task oriented dogs, but their love of people and even temper makes them an ideal therapy dog for children and elderly.

Border Terrier Puppy's Pictures and Photos

Dogs - Border Terrier Cute Puppy PicsDogs - Border Terrier Cute Puppy Pics

Border Terrier Breeds Puppy PhotoBorder Terrier Breeds Puppy Photo

Border Terrier Cute Puppy PicturesBorder Terrier Cute Puppy Pictures

Most popular breeds (US)- Border Terrier PuppyMost popular breeds (US)- Border Terrier Puppy

Border Terrier Breeds Dogs Puppy PhotoBorder Terrier Breeds Dogs Puppy Photo

Border Terrier Cute Puppy PictureBorder Terrier Cute Puppy Picture


Pet Apparel said...

I couldn't believe it, that cute little dog,
has an rare job of hunting otters and badgers.
But it has also its sweet character of being friendly to another dog even if they don't like them.
That my kind of dog.
Steven Leo

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GuruG said...

hi, thanks for placing my blog animalszoopark in your top rated site. I am added your given details in my main page.

Thank you.

Nick said...

Hi, your final picture is not a border terrier, just for your information. Thank you.

harmless-kitty said...

ok some of these pics dont´t show border-terrier puppets at all. please check the correctness of the pics first, before you post them. otherwise it is just nonserious. by the way i have one and that´s why i know how bt.puppets look like.

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