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Monday, October 12, 2009

ALL Color Galleries - Animals - Animals Zoo Park

Sun Conures - BirdsSun Conures - Birds

Two brightly colored sun conures relax on a branch at the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown, South Dakota. These South American parakeets are common in captivity, but wild populations have crashed due to unregulated trapping.

Green Tree FrogsGreen Tree Frogs

In a nocturnal rendezvous, two green tree frogs meet face-to-face atop a leaf in Louisiana's Atchafalaya River Delta. Green may be the most common color found in nature—it's everywhere from leaves, grass, and moss to snakes, butterflies, and even the northern lights. Green represents life, vitality, nature, and, of course, environmentalism.

Eyelash Viper - Yellow SnakeEyelash Viper - Yellow Snake

Eyelash vipers are indigenous to Central and South America and come in a variety of colors, including shocking yellow, like this specimen.

Triplefin Fish Triplefin Fish

A triplefin fish is nearly indistinguishable from the bright red sponge on which it rests. This shot was taken on the pristine reefs around the Tukangbesi Islands, protected by an Indonesian national marine park.

Blue-Footed BoobyBlue-Footed Booby

These distinctive webbed feet belong to a blue-footed booby of the Gal├ípagos Islands. The bluer, the better: Courting males show off with a high-stepping strut—and those with brighter feet are more attractive to potential mates.

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