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Monday, November 21, 2011

Funny Dog Blue poodle - Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle Gallery Pictures and Photos

About Poodle Colors : Black, blue, white, creme, brown, red, apricot and silver. Silver puppies are born black and change to a silver over the course of their first year. This process is called clearing. It is not uncommon for the legs and face to lighten first. Shading is allowed on apricots and silvers (this is light and dark areas of the same color).

Funny Dog -Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle PicsFunny Dog -Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle Pics

Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle Gallery PicturesCotton the Blue Toy Poodle Gallery Pictures

Funny Dog Blue poodle Photo GalleryFunny Dog Blue poodle Photo Gallery

Umm.. Cute Funny Dog Blue poodle Cotton PicsUmm.. Cute Funny Dog Blue poodle Cotton Pics

About Parti Colors :

Parti poodles are poodles of more than one color. There are several different patterns.

Abstract - A solid color with a white marking on the chest.

Piebald - Poodles of two colors one of the solid colors with white markings. Markings may appears as spots, patches or as ticking. Ticking is many small spots, very close together as is found in some of the hound breeds.

Tuxedo - A solid color with white markings on the chest and legs, looks like a poodle wearing a tuxedo. Head may have white markings.

Sable - These poodles have two colors which may not be noticeable when they are cut short. Usually the hair is a lighter color along the base and turns to a darker color such as a black, brown or silver on the tips.

Phantom - Is any two colored poodle with a pattern such as that found in a black and tan breed. Common black and tan patterns can be found in doberman pinchers, black and tan coonhounds, manchester terriers and black and tan chihuahuas. Phantom poodles can be found in any of the solid colors with markings over the eyes, on the muzzle and cheeks, on the chest and on the legs.
Phantom poodles may be found in red with creme, black and creme, black and silver, apricot and creme, and many other variations.

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